Environmental policy

We live in a world where everything we do impacts the environment. At StickerApp we strive to create a balance where we provide a quality product and at the same time make a conscious effort to eliminate unnecessary waste and transports.

Areas of concern

Stickers Materials

Through much research, we have carefully chosen the materials we use at StickerApp. We have chosen quality materials so that our products are long-lasting, eliminating the need for the same product to be replaced. The selection of our materials is based on our customer’s needs, their environmental impact and their compliance with the laws and regulations that we abide by.


We strive to provide packaging that is created out of recyclable materials and is not unnecessarily heavy, while still protecting your order through its journey to you.

Our packaging is widely recyclable, and where possible also reusable! We are always working with our delivery partners to ensure that we can be as environmentally friendly as we can when packing up our stickers, and delivering them safely to our customers. 


We follow a thorough process during the production of all orders to ensure that the product that is received is correct and as expected, eliminating the need for reprints and extra shipping. By reducing the need for orders to be reprinted, we also minimize unnecessary transportation and material use.


What materials do we use in our stickers?

About 95% of our products are printed on a polypropylene adhesive film and laminated with a PET laminate. The rest is PVC or recycled paper. We are moving away from the PVC products, however, in some cases it is necessary to provide a product that is tough enough to serve its purpose. We believe that the environmental impact of having a different, subpar material that needs to be replaced will cause a more damaging effect on the world. 

The majority of our materials are waterproof and weatherproof, meaning that they have a life of 2-4 years depending on the conditions. This in turn ensures that the stickers don’t need to be replaced often, minimizing the waste from our products.

Additionally, when printing, we use a highly developed algorithm that arranges every order to reduce the material waste when printed.

What printing methods do we use?

The same 95% of our products are printed using the HP Indigo system. A carbon-neutral printing method with several environmental certifications.

To read more about the system, see link below:

The Inks used in the HP Indigo system do not contain any raw materials produced from, or substances derived from animal origin and Genetically Modified Organisms.

Waste management

Our goal is to always reduce waste where possible, and this is a constantly evolving process for us as we are always looking for new ways to improve our waste management and how much we are recycling. 

This applied not only in our production, but also in our office spaces, so staff members across the whole of StickerApp are working towards this goal!